The share split:
Many advantages for shareholders

Due to many inquiries, we would like to take this opportunity to go back to the share split that has been decided:

So far, the nominal value of AUPARO shares was € 100 per share. This meant that you, as a shareholder, held a share of € 100 per share in AUPARO’s share capital of € 4,338,800. As part of the share split, the nominal value of the AUPARO shares will now be reduced to € 1.00 per share. In return, however, you will receive 100 times the number of previous shares booked into your portfolio. With regard to your participation in AUPARO, nothing will change.

For example, if you invested € 10,000 as part of the capital increase, at a price of € 125 per share you received 80 AUPARO shares with a nominal value of € 100 each. So you have a stake of € 8,000 in AUPARO’s share capital of € 4,338,800, which corresponds to a stake of 0.184%. After the share split, instead of 80 shares at € 100 each, you have now booked 8,000 shares at € 1.00 each in the custody account. So you still have a stake of € 8,000 of € 4,338,800 (= 0.184%) in AUPARO, but you have more shares available in smaller denominations.

The advantage of this share split for you as a shareholder is the easier trading of AUPARO shares. For example, if you had 2 shares with a nominal value of € 100 each in your portfolio, you had to decide whether you wanted to sell half or all of your holdings. Now that you have 200 shares at € 1.00 each in your portfolio, you can determine and define the number of shares to be (sold) more precisely. In this example, it is now possible to sell shares with a value of € 25 or € 30 nominal value.

In order to ultimately be able to buy and sell these shares simply and as usual on the stock exchange, a corresponding listing is required. In the next issue we will therefore deal with the IPO planned for October with the subsequent IPO.