Time for the stock market

A stock exchange listing is required so that AUPARO shares can be traded on the stock exchange. Our original plan was that we would strive for such a listing immediately after the stock split had been processed.

After much deliberation, however, we decided to adapt this plan. For this reason, AUPARO is now to be listed on the stock exchange as part of an IPO (capital increase with subsequent listing) on a German stock exchange by the end of October.

For you as a shareholder, this has the following advantages: The creation of a stock exchange prospectus including the half-yearly figures enables a well-founded and reliable assessment and assessment of the potential and value of AUPARO. At the same time, the IPO will be accompanied by a comprehensive publicity campaign, which will give AUPARO more public attention. Finally, through the capital increase, we are offering new and old investors the last opportunity to subscribe to AUPARO shares before the IPO.

We will of course keep you informed about further developments and steps on our way to the stock exchange.

Finally, a short update on the share split is allowed: After the entries have been made in the commercial register, we are in the technical processing phase and expect the new shares to be posted to your custody account by the end of May.