“Time stories” by AUPARO

“Time stories” is the AUPARO brand story, which is the central theme for the upcoming IPO.


With a multimedia concept that ranges from film to social media to print, the numerous facets of the topic “Increased value through luxury watches” are visualized in a uniform color scheme in an eye-catching way.


This creates a brand story that makes AUPARO incomparable and unique from the very first perception – just as the brand is presented.


The range of measures extends from specialist magazines and boards to lifestyle media and the relevant financial communities.


Marketing is rounded off by regular newsletters and high-quality, exclusive private sale catalogs. These are also multimedia points of sale and make the brand unmistakable on all channels, visually and haptically.


In the spirit of Warren Buffett’s statement, “The price is what you pay for. The value is what you get. ”There are two reasons for this: tradability and market development opportunities.


As part of the capital increase at the beginning of the year, we found that with the pleasing high number of new shareholders, a large number of custodian banks had also been added. This presents us with the challenge that we would like to guarantee all shareholders – regardless of their custodian bank – the best possible tradability of the shares. This would only have been possible to a limited extent during the initial planning. With the listing now planned for the fourth quarter and the stock exchange targeted there, we can offer you more affiliated custodian banks and trading on XETRA. This makes AUPARO shares easier and more comprehensive for you as a shareholder.


The second key aspect is the fact that with a listing in the fourth quarter we can provide the market and you as shareholders with more data and business figures. We will prepare half-yearly financial statements and publish them at the beginning of August. All figures and business transactions of the first half of 2021 are recorded in it and can thus serve you as a shareholder as well as potential new shareholders as a well-founded set of figures. This additional information enables a solid and realistic assessment of AUPARO, including the corresponding price potential.